Date Capstone Completed


Document Type


Degree Name

Masters of Science in Leadership Education: Sport Management


Leadership Education


Theresa Waterbury


Winona, Minnesota


Sports nutrition guidelines are an integral part of athlete performance. The guidelines are established through the American College of Sports Medicine to best guide student athletes for their specific sport. However, even with the guidelines established there are low adherence rates among student athletes who face unique barriers and therefore require solutions to increase adherence to the guidelines. The study aims to identify specific barriers that student athletes face based on their perspectives and opinions. Once the barriers are identified the study provides potential areas of focus to increase adherence rates through the provision of solutions.

To gain insight into student athlete experiences interviews were facilitated. Participants were required to have previous shown interest in sports nutrition and must currently be active on an affiliate sports team with the university. The participants were asked to respond to a variety of questions exploring their previous history with sports nutrition barriers and solutions. The results showed unique barriers and solutions to student-athletes such as resources, lack of knowledge, and social/culture components as well.

The results suggest that resources and knowledge are a key component to a student-athletes success in adhering to the guidelines. These are specific barriers to student-athletes because of the lack of finances as well as time requirements to participate in sports. The results show the need for a new approach to education and provision of resources to student-athletes.



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