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Masters of Science in Educational Leadership


Leadership Education


Steven Baule


Consensus among researchers is that parent involvement strengthens student grades (Ross, 2016). The purpose of this phenomenological study is to explore new strategies between parents and schools to foster continued parent involvement. Through qualitative design of surveys, focus-groups, and document review, this study explores strategies utilized of parent involvement at the high school level. The setting for this study is a suburb community in Minnesota. The high school has a student population that exceeds 2,300 (Minnesota Department of Education, 2019). The sample for this study will consist of parents that have at least one current student at the high school. Data collected will come from survey questions. Included in the survey are open-ended questions to explore the importance of parent involvement in high schools from school stakeholders. Three methods are utilized to collect data in this study: a survey, focus interviews, and document review. Two themes emerged for RQ1: (1) parents read their school to home email and find it effective in communicating information and knowledge, and (2) less than half of families partner with the school in ways other than parent teacher conferences. Three themes surfaced for RQ2: (1) parents still want to utilize parent teacher conferences the most but would also like to increase their engagement in open house or curriculum night, school sponsored events, and forums with the principal and (2) parents have been provided with communication and opportunities to volunteer and be involved and (3) there is still room for growth and opportunities to connect parents to information and volunteer opportunities.



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