Date Capstone Completed


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Degree Name

Masters of Science in Educational Leadership


Educational Leadership


Steven Baule


This qualitative research set out to explore district staff members’ ideals of implementing a social-emotional learning curriculum in their district. Interviews of individual staff members was the source of data for this study. Participants noted that the addition of the SEL program has had positive impacts on current students. Participants also indicated that, although, the addition of this program is necessary, it is also necessary that all staff have some type of training to better support the student population. Also mentioned by the participants was the need for teaching the program with fidelity and including the teaching throughout the day, not just a one lesson a week and done. Recommendations for further research include expanding the study to other school districts to validate and add to the findings of this study, while also assist in understanding the results. Additionally, further research should include a wider group of diverse populations within other school settings; including this diverse population may produce different results not seen in this study.



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