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This transcription of a 1855 land survey of Winona, Minnesota was completed on January 21, 1862 by Charles F. Schroth of Winona. Transcribed from a copy from the Surveyor - General Office of Dubuque, Iowa. The survey cover includes the title and text: Field Notes 107 NR 7 West 5th Mer. Winona Township, Minnesota. The original land survey was completed by Daniel Corbin in 1855 and is accessible through the GLO Historic Plat Map Retrieval System managed by the Minnesota Geospatial Commons Information Office. Comparison of the transcribed and original Corbin survey revealed that the transcribed survey omitted much of the detail contained in the original survey. The 1862 land survey transcription was donated to the Winona County Historical Society in 1936 by Julian and Alfred Schroth, sons of Charles Schroth.

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City of Winona, Minnesota


Winona, Minnesota


Winona Township; Township 107 NR 7 West, 5th Meridian; Public Land Survey; PLS; Surveying; First U.S. Federal Land Survey; U.S. Federal Land Survey; Surveyors; Field notes; Daniel Corbin; Charles F. Schroth; Ecological history; Natural Resources; Timber


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This project has been financed in part with funds provided by the State of Minnesota from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund through the Minnesota Historical Society.

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Special acknowledgement to the Wisconsin State Herbarium and Mark Wetter for the use of their scanning equipment. Scanning performed by Darrell W. Krueger Library - Winona State University.

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Land Survey of Winona Township, Minnesota: Field Notes