Experiences in higher education as an adjunct faculty of color have led me to conclude that higher education institutions have a long way to go in dismantling racialized and racially- based discriminations, stereotypes and marginalization of faculty of color contributions, expertise and professionalism. Drawing from mores about race, education, expertise and life, predominantly white institutions (PWIs), for example, tend to condone and perhaps promote the treatment of adjunct faculty of color as less qualified (different = less than), and invisible place-holders without any regard for their professional expertise and contributions to their disciplines. Sometimes adjunct faculty of color become an institution’s tokens of diversity and inclusion, without any commitment to improving their conditions of employment, yet they are often at the same time made hypervisible and subjected to increased negative scrutiny (Settles et al., 2019). In addition, there is often a lack of recognition and adequate compensation for the professional achievements of adjunct faculty of color.



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