It is crucial for the Black Lives Matter movement that more Black men pursue and earn doctoral degrees. American society must be made aware of intellectual contributions that underpin the fact that Black men are intelligent, eloquent in speech, and able to research and present any given topic. Black men are often underrepresented in terminal degree programs, and those who do advance to advanced study fall short due to doctoral attrition. These troubling phenomena highlight the need for research concerning motivational factors that may improve the odds of Black men entering and completing postgraduate programs across disciplines. This opinion paper seeks to shine a light on the utility of motivational patterns beneficial to Black men pursuing a PhD and those who have completed the requirements. The dialogue further highlights Black men's significance in the broader societal discussions that need male voices to be heard, valued, and respected. As more Black men begin to earn doctoral degrees, the Black Lives Matter movement will strengthen, and so will Black communities across the nation.



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