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This article clarifies brisk salient education and communication perspectives on the need for and role of ALANA (African, Latino, Asian and Native American) teachers and teacher education students in the nation. From the co-authors’ perspectives as African American professors of prospective ALANA K-12 teachers, the notion of “Making it Real: ALANA Teacher Education Preparation, Communication and Diversity Suppositions” is an aerial design that continues to be drafted. This design must be multicultural, multiethnic, multimedia and multi-disciplined in order to be fecund. The creation of a video by ALANA university teacher education students also demonstrated that diversity is invaluable and central to the teacher education process. The experiences and cultural lenses of ALANA teachers in training are seen as being equally valuable in measuring teaching and learning. Albert Bandura’s Social Cognitive Theory (social learning theory) provides the theoretical underpinning for this article.

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