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With the severe impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, the educational systems have to be reformed and evolved. Blended synchronous learning has become an attractive tendency in education worldwide as the technology has mushroomed recently and attracts a vast number of users and researchers. Therefore, the current study was conducted to investigate students’ overall perceptions of blended synchronous learning as well as its benefits and challenges. 163 participants in the study have experienced ENT courses in a blended synchronous learning environment for 105 hours within 7 weeks. The instrument employed in the quantitative phase was 27 items adapted from studies by Rahman et al. (2015), López-Pérez et al. (2011), and Wu et al. (2010). Additionally, semi-structured interviews were used to have a deeper understanding of the research issues. Results indicate that more than half of participants had good perceptions about the blended synchronous learning environment and perceived various benefits as well as challenges of it. Moreover, these findings are supplemented with illustrative quotes from interview transcripts to compare and contrast with previous findings reported in the literature, and therefore this study contributes to the field by offering the learners' voices.



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