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While a substantial amount of research has been conducted on the effects of various teacher education programs to prepare teachers for multicultural, multilingual, inclusive classrooms, very little of it examines the impact of multicultural, inclusive teacher education on how pre- and inservice teachers actually teach children in the classroom. Few researchers have followed teachers into the classroom to find out if or what “carry over” exists from multicultural teacher education (Sleeter, 2001). Even if teachers show growth through their course work and learning experiences in multicultural education, what evidence is there that they are or are becoming strong teachers in culturally diverse classrooms? This article reports on a study “in progress” that is part of a longitudinal investigation of preservice and novice teachers’ classroom practices and behaviors to address the diverse needs of students whose backgrounds and abilities differ from their own. Specifically, the present study examines the impact of multicultural, inclusive teacher education on how novice teachers actually instruct children in multicultural, multilingual, and inclusive classroom contexts.

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