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To succeed in any profession, one must thoroughly research the nature of the profession itself as well as its interactions with other components of society. A decision to enter the teaching profession must also follow this methodology. One question that deserves further investigation can be phrased as, “Is parental involvement in the schools positively correlated to student achievement, and if so, then what can be done to facilitate this involvement?”

Throughout the history of the United States, the positive and negative impacts of parental involvement in the schools have been widely debated. In the twentieth century, however, this debate entered the research arena. After years of research, one can confidently argue that parental involvement in the schools is one of the most definitive predictors of children’s educational success. The research, however, has also shed light on the ancillary benefits of parental involvement in the schools for both teachers and parents. Even with the empirical data that has been provided by research in the educational field, parental involvement in the schools remains alarmingly low, especially in schools serving children from the working class. To alleviate this situation, one needs to evaluate the impediments to parental involvement in the schools and suggest methods to remove these obstacles.

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