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The purpose of this investigation was to determine whether review sessions prior to written examinations affect university student performance on the examinations. It was hypothesized that students would benefit by attending formal review sessions before taking written examinations. A prospective investigational design was used to test the hypothesis.

An online review demonstrates the claimed-importance of preparatory programs before taking standardized examinations such as the GRE, SAT, or MCAT (1-4). 800score GRE Prep Software guarantees that one will achieve their highest possible score (1). GRE Comprehensive Success System claims that over 16,000 test takers passed the GRE because of their system (2). Secretsstudyguide guarantees to increase ones SAT test scores in a few hours of study (3). MCAT Practice Tests states that the most effective way to prepare for your test is to simply take their practice tests (4).

Although it makes intuitive sense, there is a paucity of controlled-research demonstrating the effectiveness of formal review before taking examinations in the university classroom.

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