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This paper describes the process that one college of education used to redesign the master’s for teachers program. Post-baccalaureate programs were redesigned to incorporate requirements of No Child Left Behind, school improvement, empirical based researched practices, and student achievement. All redesigned courses reflect an increased emphasis on field experiences.

In February 2003, all private and public universities in the state of Louisiana received a mandate to redesign all master’s for teachers programs. The redesign committees were to include P-12 administrators, teachers, community representatives, current teacher professionals and representatives from other colleges in the process. The redesigned post-baccalaureate education program had to: (a) be jointly developed by faculty within the College of Education, College of Arts/Sciences/Humanities, other colleges, and K-12 schools; (b) addresses teacher and educational leader needs as they relate to Louisiana’s K-12 content standards, Louisiana’s Components of Effective Teaching, Standards for School Principals in Louisiana, NCATE accreditation, PRAXIS assessments, and ISLLC assessments, NCLB, and IDEA; and (c) is based upon empirical research pertaining to effective practices. Only onethird of the courses in the existing program could be used in the redesigned program. This was not a small undertaking since faculty were furiously preparing for an onsite NCATE accreditation visit during Spring 2004.

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