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Site-based management, as indicated in Part I of this two-part series, is a frequently used approach to educational reform (Fiske, 1995). The major objective behind the site-based management approach is to move decision-making control from the central office of a school system to the local school level (i.e., at each school campus) (Short & Greer, 1997). Operating under a decentralization model, site-based management assumes a multiplicity of educational goals (Cheng, 1996). In Part II, we will discuss, in depth, the literature specifically on site-based management, using the following subheadings: (1) how widespread is site-based management; (2) legislation and implementation of sitebased management across the United States; (3) site-based management as educational reform; (4) definitions and assumptions of site-based management; (5) key fundamentals of site-based management; (6) conceptual variations within site-based management; (7) variations in the implementation of site-based management; (8) site-based decision-making and spheres of influence; (9) empowerment associated with site-based management; (10) site-based management and the improvement of student performance; (11) factors of successful implementation of site-based management; (12) benefits of site-based management; (13) challenges to site-based management implementation; (14) lessons learned from site-based management; (15) monitoring and evaluation of site-based management; (16) emergent research regarding site-based management; and, (17) research concerns of site-based management. Through this two-stage description of the basis for site-based management as an educational reform initiative and of the current status of site-based management as an educational reform initiative, readers should have a deep understanding of this initiative, as well as an understanding of our belief that site-based management has promise as an educational reform initiative.

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