Date Action Research Paper Completed


Document Type

Action Research Paper

Degree Name

Master of Science in Education



Capstone Advisor

Joel Traver




How can the explicit teaching of emotions affect student behavior and emotional problem solving? This action research project investigated how lessons using the explicit teaching model affected the ability for students to identify their own emotions, problem solve emotional responses, and use the process of affect labeling, or naming an emotion, to help students regulate their emotions within the classroom environment and beyond. Twenty-six second-grade students participated in daily emotional check-ins, explicit teaching lessons about twenty-five different emotions, and journal writing to reinforce emotional identification and problem-solving skills. A pre and post interview was used to assess students’ ability to name emotions and their attitudes towards affect labeling and regulation strategies. The results of the study showed a positive improvement in emotional identification, emotional problem-solving, use of affect labeling as a regulation strategy, and attitudes towards emotional identification and regulation.