CE 680 Syllabus: Counseling Practicum

Veronica Johnson, Winona State University

Course Description

To enhance the counseling skills and conceptualization processes acquired through direct counseling experience, supervision and classroom interaction. The course is designed to prepare counselors for the upcoming internship experience and development as independent professional counselors. The evidence provided through the quality of the course requirements, demonstration of maturity, personal insight and professional presentation as appropriate to the counseling profession, will determine the course grade. The Counselor Education Program requires students to complete a supervised counseling practicum. Forty of those clock hours must be direct service work with appropriate clients. The remaining 110 hours provide opportunities to gain experience in the activities that a regularly employed staff member in a counseling setting would be expected to perform. The primary intention of the counseling practicum experience is to provide growing exposure and orientation to a relevant professional setting. The responsibility of supervision is shared between the university and the practicum site supervisor. The expectation of on-site practicum supervisors is to provide ongoing guidance and orientation to graduated relevant site experiences. Requiring these clinical experiences prior to an internship placement serves to increase the depth of the practicum student's upcoming internship experience by linking counseling knowledge to relevant counseling experiences.