CE 633 Syllabus: Ethical Practice and Social Action

Veronica Johnson, Winona State University

Course Description

Course Objectives: a. To explore ethical, legal, and professional issues relevant to individual and group counseling, and other specific counseling areas: e.g., multicultural counseling, counseling with older adults, psychological testing, etc. b. To develop a model for making ethical decisions. c. To continue to develop one's professional identity and ethical practice. d. To examine the nature of the therapeutic relationship. e. To examine the roles and responsibilities of counselors as mental health professionals and agents of social change. f. To examine the influence of the social context on human development. g. To become aware of client empowerment, advocacy, and social change as potential part of the counseling process. h. To examine the impact of therapists’ values in the counseling relationship. i. To examine the ethical and practical implications of working cross-culturally in counseling and as a social change agent. j. Familiarity with professional ethical codes.