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Spring 2013

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The course objectives encompass an area of critical importance to the practice of professional counseling: measurement & assessment. The following specific objectives for this course are the 2009 CACREP standards for these areas: II.G.7. Assessment: Students will develop an understanding of individual and group approaches to assessment and evaluation in a multicultural society, including all of the following: a. historical perspectives concerning the nature and meaning of assessment; b. basic concepts of standardized and non-standardized testing and other assessment techniques, including norm-referenced and criterion-referenced assessment, environmental assessment, performance assessment, individual and group test and inventory methods, psychological testing, and behavioral observations; c. statistical concepts, including scales of measurement, measures of central tendency, indices of variability, shapes and types of distributions, and correlations; d. reliability (i.e., theory of measurement error, models of reliability, and the use of reliability information); e. validity (i.e., evidence of validity, types of validity, and the relationship between reliability and validity); f. social and cultural factors related to the assessment and evaluation of individuals, groups, and specific populations; and g. ethical strategies for selecting, administering, and interpreting assessment and evaluation instruments and techniques in counseling.

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CE 620


Counselor Education-Graduate Studies


Veronica Johnson

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