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Fall 2016

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This course provides a practical, field-based experience of between 130-200 hours in an addiction counseling setting for Master's Degree Counselor Education Department students seeking "dual licensure" (LPCC & LADC). These are students who have completed CE 680: Practicum, are enrolled in or have completed CE 690-Internship, and need the extra practicum hours to accrue the 880 hours required for addiction counseling licensure. The faculty of the Counselor Education Department regards the practicum & internship as an integral component of its counseling programs. Academic and applied counseling skills are synthesized and used by approved interns on a daily basis in an addiction counseling setting. Practicum & internship is a vital educational component for future LADCs to learn and practice the 12 Core Functions and 8 Practice Dimensions of an addiction counselor in a supervised clinical setting.

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CE 590


Counselor Education-Graduate Studies


Mitch Moore

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