The Effects of Bullying on Identity

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Counselor Education

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Mitch Moore


This paper will explore the impact that bullying has on identity formation. Peers play a crucial role in identity formation for they encourage or discourage exploration of identity. The area of interest is identifying the types of bullying, potential targets and its effects on academics, mental health and prevention. Bullying negatively affects identity, academics, and has severe mental health and long-term consequences for the victim, bully and witnesses. Bullying can be prevented if awareness is raised on the issue. Educating the children and parents on bullying is an important step in prevention. Children need to be taught not only what bullying is but also what they should do if they see it happening or are the target. By educating parents, they can not only discuss the topics with the children, but also be aware of potential signs of bullying and get the child the appropriate help. Another method to prevent bullying is school-based intervention.

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