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Capstone Paper


Counselor Education

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Eric Baltrinic


This paper examines studies dedicated to the treatment of sexual offenders (SOs) and other individuals with problematic sexual behaviors, particularly in relation to preventing recidivism, and intended for the purpose of increasing awareness in current and future counselors. Articles include studies examining factors related to offense, assessments available for determining the risk for re-offending for community safety, and models to utilize within the counseling sessions. Sexual offending cannot be said to exist within a vacuum, occurring at random with no stimulus or factors leading up to the crime—as Cognitive-Behavioral Theory (CBT) would suggest, thoughts and behaviors are linked, and this relationship can be used to help discover the source, reasoning, and possible treatment for sexual disorders. By linking factors at the time of offense to the needs of the individual at the time of treatment, key areas for improvement can be determined in order to pave the way to effective treatment planning.

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