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Capstone Paper


Counselor Education

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Masa Sato


Sexual minority youth, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) children and adolescents, are an especially high-risk population for bullying victimization. The purpose of this paper is to examine bullying in general, bullying of LGBT youth, negative outcomes associated with bullying victimization of sexual minority youth, and ways that schools can work to reduce bullying and its subsequent effects. Negative effects of bullying on LGBT youth discussed in this paper include absenteeism, lowered academic achievement, lowered selfesteem, and increased risk of depression and suicide. This paper also examines strategies that schools can use to combat many of these negative effects and foster an inclusive school climate. These strategies include the presence of gay-straight alliances, supportive staff members, LGBTinclusive curriculum, and LGBT-inclusive school policies. Finally, this paper discusses how school counselors and other educators play a key role in developing a positive and safe school environment by promoting inclusivity and advocating for systemic change.

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