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Counselor Education

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Dawnette Cigrand


The effect of stress on children is pervasive and ongoing into adulthood. Stressful life events can vary in terms of frequency and intensity and can include stressors such as family discord, peer relationships, academics, and overuse of technology. These types of stress can occur as single, major events or as frequent minor events. Although certain types of stress can be positive, it is important that children develop adequate coping strategies in order to deal with negative stress. Without coping strategies, children can experience negative effects physically, emotionally, behaviorally, and intellectually. A major role of a school counselor is assisting children in developing coping strategies. One such strategy they can implement through individual, group, and classroom lessons are mindfulness-based practices. These practices include yoga, meditation, guided imagery, and muscle relaxation. The individualized application of these practices to students, in addition to the short amount of time needed for practice makes it highly useful within a school setting.

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