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Masa Sato


The purpose of this paper is to explore using yoga as an adjunctive therapy tool for adult childhood sexual abuse survivors suffering from the effects of trauma. This paper will present information related to complex trauma, childhood sexual abuse, posttraumatic stress disorder, traditional talk therapy, and Hatha yoga as a complementary intervention. There is a discussion on conventional talk therapy that examines Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, including theoretical components as well as implications for treating complex trauma survivors. The section on Hatha yoga will introduce the reader to the practice and clarify key elements and goals of yoga. Additionally, this paper will present current research on the efficacy of Hatha yoga for posttraumatic stress disorder as well as possible explanations as to how and why yoga is an effective intervention for complex trauma survivors. The section on Hatha yoga will also explore considerations for professional counselors interested in incorporating yoga-based strategies for trauma treatment. This paper provides compelling evidence that Hatha yoga is an effective adjunctive clinical intervention for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse who are suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder.

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