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Adolescents are expected to participate effectively in school and learn the skills needed to become a constructive member of society after graduation. However, there are many things such as problem behaviors or emotions that can get in the way of a student's learning. Interventions are needed in the school system to provide immediate relief of these feelings. School counselors do not have much time with students before they are expected to get back to learning. The Emotional Freedom Technique of tapping with self-affirming statements has been found to be an effective therapeutic technique in the reduction of negative emotions. The process of tapping includes addressing the current emotion which will activating the energy disturbance in the body and the client will then performing repetitive tapping on different points while speaking a selfaffirming statement. Through this process, students can explore their emotions, leading to the removal of any energy disturbances that may be causing distress. Tapping can be taught and performed quickly resulting in immediate and long-lasting relief of negative emotion. By using this technique in school, students will be able to return to classes and learn more effectively and confidently.

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