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Every day children all over the world become the victims of bully behavior. The notion of bullying can mean very different things to different people, yet the results can be devastating and long-lasting. Leading the charge in bullying research, Dan Olweus, helped to develop a school-wide bullying prevention program aimed at reducing and ultimately ending bullying in schools. Olweus’ research and subsequent prevention program helped lead the charge and push for other school-wide bullying prevention programs. This study will examine the goals, components, evaluation and effectiveness of school-wide bullying prevention programs from all over the world including the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program from Norway; Kiusaamista Vastaan (KiVa) out of Finland; Walk away, Ignore It, Talk it out, and Seek help (WITS) from Canada; and Steps to Respect: A Bullying Prevention Program developed and implemented in the United States. Although the programs differ in their content and delivery, all seek to stop school and childhood bullying during a child’s formative elementary school years.

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