Date of Award

Fall 12-7-2022

Document Type

Capstone Paper

Degree Name

Masters of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling


Counselor Education - Graduate Studies

First Advisor

Mary Fawcett

Second Advisor

Mitchell Moore


Winona, Minnesota


This Capstone Project analyzes and assesses recent research of different modalities of treatment for adolescents with co-occurring disorders. While conducting research on this topic, the common goal of effective treatment for adolescents with co-occurring disorders includes eliminating continued substance abuse, resolving conduct concerns, developing appropriate coping skills, correcting negative thoughts and/or behaviors, decreasing delinquency, and addressing reoccurring mental health symptoms. Multidimensional family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, group therapy, and individual therapy are compared to formulate effective clinical approaches for adolescents with co-occurring disorders. Adverse childhood experiences, risk and protective factors, suicidality, community involvement, parental education and early intervention, and truancy and juvenile justice involvement will also be reviewed and considered. Utilizing an integrative and multifaceted approach supplies adolescents the opportunity to eradicate continued substance abuse, reduce mental health symptoms, resolve negative behaviors, and provide proper coping skills to sustain their recovery and stability. Providing clinicians, schools, parents or caregivers, and communities with proper training, resources, and information can better support an adolescent to effectively manage their mental health symptoms and reduce substance abuse and behavioral concerns.



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