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Dawnette Cigrand


Professional development will most certainly always be a part of education. Even though professional development standards and practices may change over the course of time, its importance and implications for students will not. It is part of the educator’s job to continually their teaching techniques and practices. One must stay up-to-date on the most current methods in education in order to assure student success. With that being said, professional development has evolved into more than just attending workshops and meetings. It has evolved into professional learning communities (PLC’s), which enable educator’s to reach out to their students in new way, and help them reach their academic goals. From improving ACT scores to closing the gap to student success, it is clear to see the positive impacts that PLC’s have brought to education (DuFour, 2014). PLC’s are expanding within districts throughout the United States, , and the impact they will have on education will be measurable in years to come.

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