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Capstone Paper

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Masters of Science in Human Services


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Dr. Mary Fawcett




Rural communities encompass a unique culture and a way of life difficult to find anywhere else. Unfortunately, barriers to mental health services exist more frequently in rural than urban and suburban areas. These barriers include stigma, cultural factors, financial concerns, as well as lack of resources and providers. Solutions to these barriers exist in some part, but also present their own challenges. This literature review explores the problem, causes of the problem in the form of barriers, and solutions to accessing mental health resources in rural areas of the United States. A discussion with suggestions for further action and study follow the literature review. Appendix A also discusses the use of advocacy and includes a sample outreach project for increasing awareness of existing mental health resources in rural communities through the use of the T.R.A.I.N.E.R model (Hof et al., 2009).



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