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Set of 23 color slides in one box labeled "Power." Part of the Cal R. Fremling collection. Slides have few labels and are not numbered consecutively. Exact location and creation dates are unknown. Some slides based on pictures taken by Fremling, others taken by other unknown creators and used for educational illustrative purposes (noted with "Photograph/art print/etc of"). Subjects shown include regional nuclear and coal-fired power plants, advertisements and comics regarding dependence on foreign oil, maps, diagrams regarding nuclear power. Known slide print dates range from 1974-1988. 1 - Exxon ad showing known oil reserves (source dated 1972?) 2 - "Prairie Island" aerial view of Xcel Prairie Island nuclear plant, Red Wing, MN 3 - Closer view of Xcel Prairie Island nuclear plant, Red Wing, MN 4 - Imported oil ad with Uncle Sam 5 - Hands holding white stones/shells 6 - Hand holding white stones/shells 7 - "Sherco" Sherburne County/Xcel power plant, Becker, MN 8 - "Sherco" Woman standing in greenhouse full of hanging bleeding heart plants 9 - "Sherco" Man in greenhouse holding flowers 10 - Cutaway diagram showing shale, gas, oil, sandstone, limestone 11 - Cutaway diagram showing nuclear reactor 12 - Diagram showing (nuclear) pressurized water reactor system 13 - Diagram showing (nuclear) boiling water reactor system 14 - "Scenery" comic, vultures flying over active nuclear reactors 15 - "1958 Ford Nucleon" concept ad for nuclear-powered car 16 - Diagram of nuclear fission 17 - Textbook page showing reactor features and radiation barriers 18 - Photograph of mill and water wheel 19 - Map of world at night 20 - Map of United States 21 - Comic showing time bomb, foreign oil 22 - Comic showing hypodermic, foreign oil 23 - Comic showing cobra, foreign oil

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Winona, Minnesota


Biologists; Science; Aerial Photographs; Aerial Photograph; Poster; Comic Strip; Advertisement; Artwork; Oil; Nuclear power plants; Coal; Xcel Energy; Electric utilities. Minnesota; Electric industries; Minnesota. Energy consumption


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The date of these slides are unknown. A default date of 1970 is a place holder.

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