Old Gilmore Valley photographs


Old Gilmore Valley photographs


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Set of 26 black and white photographs in envelope labeled "Old Gilmore Valley Photos." Photographs are all 5 x 7 in (12.5 x 18 cm). Images show Gilmore Valley, near Saint Mary's. after flooding and erosion. Part of the Cal R. Fremling collection. 1 - "Woodland no. 1" 2 - "9/25/57 Rollingstone-Stockton-Gilmore Creek, Cy Hedlund farm, an after picture of Mn-48" 3 - Aerial photograph of farm and terraced farmland 4 - "Ervin Michael farm - photo dated July 15, 1936. Diversion terrace around head of gully - terrace drains both ways." 5 - "Contour furrow / close up showing construction design." 6 - "Charles Bergler July 1938 / Seeding and tree plantation one year later / Trees planted Spring 1938." 7 - "After photo - October 5, 1936 / Willows are 6' tall." 8 - "Photo shows streambank cutting at the rate of 50' a year - Fall 1936." 9 - Rollingstone-Stockton-Gilmore Creek, pre-1957? 10 - "Air view of [gradoni] taken in May of 1937" 11 - "Contour furrows / General view James Bergler farm and Ervin Michael farm in foreground. Contour furrows on Bergler farm for water run-off control. / Photo May 14, 1937" 12 - "No. 1 Before / W.L. Bergler farm now owned by James Bergler. Copy of photo taken about 1400 shows comparatively small gully back of children. Note also the scarcity of vegetation of bluffs in background and remarkable increase shown on No. 892." 13 - "No. 2 After / W.L. Bergler 14 - "W.L. Bergler farm, Winona, Minn., 5/26/39. After picture of Minn-530. Rock and brush dams have been built to catch silt and raise the bottom of the gully, thus decreasing the drop at the head. Bill Bergler stands on the lowest dam." 15 - "No. 1 Before. St. Mary's College. Brush Rock Wing dams in place on a severe streambank erosion problem. March 9, 1938 photo." 16 - "No. 2 after. 9/25/57 Rollingstone-Stockton-Gilmore Creek, St. Mary's College." 17 - "Minn - 287" Man standing in middle of steep gully. 18 - "No. 4. Gullies can be observed up the valley and cutting into the fields. Photo shows need of a varied program of soil erosion and water run-off control. November 14, 1936." 19 - "No. 1. Charles Bergler farm - June 7, 1937. Completed gradoni showing rock slope, channel, 4' upper slope at 30%. Note amount of good soil on upper slope in which to plant trees." 20 - "Before No. 3 9/25/57 Rollingstone-Stockton-Gilmore Creek, Mrs. W.L. Bergler" 21 - "Bergler no. 2 July 22, 1939 photo. Gully head within 25 feet of bridge. Photo prior to the construction of a stabilizing structure." 22 - "No. 4 9/25/57 Rollingstone-Stockton-Gilmore Creek, Erwin Michael" 23 - "No. 1 Contour furrows Ervin Michael farm, constructed for water run-off control." 24 - "Bergler No 1 Anton Bergler farm - Aug. 3, 1937, Flow of water caused by a 2 1/2" rain between 7 and 11 a.m. August 3, 1937, caused an 8' advance of the gully head. Since spring the gully advanced 25 feet." 25 - "Down below St. Mary's College in Gilmore Creek. 4.3 inch of rain in April 1936 resulted in a flood that topped the structure and washed fill on right side of structure. It was not replaced." 26 - "Woodland no. 2 9/25/57 Rollingstone-Stockton-Gilmore Creek, John Bergler."

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Old Gilmore Valley photographs